INSPIRED - Starting Again With Confidence

Your self-guided retreat to honour this important new beginning

When you're making a new start but you're too busy, overwhelmed and exhausted to notice, you need to take time to pause. 

This online programme and self-guided retreat offers you the space, time and focus to honour this significant transition and prepare you to fully embrace the next season in your life.

Wherever you choose to celebrate this occasion, you will have everything you need in this resource to reflect, envision and claim your future. You'll be able to end one season well and clear the way for the next.

You'll leave feeling refreshed, clear-sighted and empowered, ready to create the change you've been craving.

Change comes in many shapes and sizes in our lives, but I know from my own experience and my expertise as a career change coach, that there is a huge difference between making a new start and making that new start well.

Change involves loss. To enter a new season well, we need space to grieve as one season ends and another begins.

INSPIRED is perfect for you if this new chapter is making you feel:

  • stressed, frazzled or chaotic
  • overwhelmed or over-busy
  • drained or exhausted
  • uncertain or fearful
  • uprooted or unsettled
  • anxious that you will not be able to succeed
  • sad and uneasy about letting go of the last phase of your life

This structured course is perfect for anyone who is opening a new chapter in their lives. Perhaps launching a new business, changing career, moving house, re-locating to a new country, or facing a change in personal circumstances. 

You're now ready to give yourself the best possible chance of success and to make a confident and conscious new beginning.

Step by step you'll have the chance to consider your journey to this point, your current situation and the future you are hoping to create. By working through each step, you'll be able to leave feeling greater:

  • clarity
  • balance
  • confidence
  • control
  • acceptance
  • energy
  • calmness 
  • self-belief
  • and optimism

In other words, you'll be inspired to claim your future with a clear head and real purpose.

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Q: Do I have to go away on a retreat to get the most out of this course? 

A: No, not at all. The most important thing is that you clear some quiet space and time to give yourself the attention you deserve at this important transition. Booking a night away gives you the ready-made chance to do this but some people prefer their own surroundings. If you stay at home, remember though to treat it as though you are away – don’t answer work calls or let others call on your time. Put it in your diary and ring-fence it! 

Q: How much time will I need to complete these activities? 

A: I allowed a full day. In fact as I booked a night away I had slightly longer because I allowed half a day (including evening and overnight) then a second half day. Plus time to complete anything that you don’t cover in one go. And because you have lifetime access, you can dip into these materials whenever you need to. 

Q: I’ve never done much reflective work – what’s involved? 

A: It’s really just structured time with yourself. Allow yourself to be totally open and honest and forget all the ‘shoulds’ that usually control our lives. Tune in to what you really want and why this transition is important to you. Just relax and the audio and workbook will guide you. 

Q: Can I use the course more than once? 

A: Absolutely! One of the best things about buying this course is that you can listen to the audios again at any time and use the whole programme for other transitions you experience in your life. You will have lifetime access to the materials on the Thinkific platform and can download the workbook and audios for your own use at any time. 

Q: If I’m not happy with this product, can I get a refund? 

A: I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and that’s why I’ve provided full guidance on getting the most from the course, how to prepare for your retreat and a structured workbook to guide you through the whole experience. If you can prove that you’ve accessed all the materials, have followed the guidance carefully and you’re still unhappy with your results, I’m happy to discuss. 

What others have been saying about this course:

'I recently completed Becky's course 'INSPIRED - Starting Again With Confidence' following my relocation to Shaldon in South Devon. It allowed me to take stock of my move and to celebrate all that I had achieved to make it happen. Becky's course is perfect for anyone who is in a period of transition. As humans we tend to sometimes gloss over our wins and move on to the next thing which needs doing however this course allowed me to pause and reflect. The Thinkific platform is really easy to navigate and Becky's instructions were second to none. The biggest take-away for me are the meditation and visualisation sections which you can replay again and again. If you struggle with doing this kind of thing there is further accountability as Becky offers a half hour follow up where you can discuss your findings and how you can build on everything you have gained from this reflective experience.'   ~ Jennifer Corcoran, LinkedIn Consultant, Devon

"INSPIRED is such a well thought out, soulful course. Career transitions are so often overlooked. Before the course I did not see any distinction between my old role and my new career path. This was detrimental to my new business. Now I have a fresh start and can leave behind all that no longer serves me."                     ~ Jillian P, Virtual Assistant, Hampshire

"I enjoyed the course content and found it effective to plan my retreat (at home during the Easter weekend) and carry it out. I used INSPIRED to reflect on this year at work.  It is now a full year since I moved home and job, from a focus on my core discipline to a broader role as lead (cross-disciplinary) engineer and line manager for engineers from a variety of related disciplines. I found it helpful to consider what had worked well, what I have learned about myself and others and what I want to move forward with. I believe I have served my apprenticeship as a leader in this team. Now I am becoming a journeyman, and in a few years, master!’    ~ Rachel C, Rail Engineer, UK

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Becky Kilsby
Becky Kilsby

About Becky

I'm a career change coach and I love nothing more than enabling my clients to get super clear about the kind of life and work they really want - and then go out and create it!

I know how difficult it can be to make big changes in your life, how long it takes and how much upheaval you go through. But when you make your decision and stand on the threshold of a brave new start, then THAT moment is surely worth celebrating!  

I've made 3 big career changes in my life and I've lived in 3 countries. I know in my bones what change feels like and as a career specialist, an educator and a coach, I want to share my knowledge of what it means to make a significant transition. 

Welcome to the next chapter of the life you really want to live!